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Company Profile

Company Profile

We are a recruitment agency with a difference. RMS provides the most comprehensive, flexible and affordable range of professional staffing solutions, designed to find the best available candidates for each and every position across all industries and at all levels. We understand the cost of outsourcing recruitment, having been involving in the recruiting industry for years. However, we also understand the great value of getting that perfect candidate. Therefore we keep it simple. Our costs are flexible, our service prompt and on top of that, we have an unlimited candidate database right across the board, from cleaner, restaurant/ hotel staff secretaries to sales people to company directors (low to top levels). We have formulated a hard working dedicated team who understand the business of recruitment and are passionate about their clients and candidates receiving excellent service. We invest in the future of our candidates, those young men and women whom, in their hundreds, have trusted us to guide their career paths. We take this responsibility very seriously. Operational Meetings are held every day to discuss the status of each job specification. These meetings keep us on track to ensure we meet turnaround times as well as sourcing the right candidates. We ensure you have one point of contact and will co-ordinate all activities and ensure the highest levels of service are met with positive results.


At RMS we understand that every client is unique. We understand that every client’s needs are unique. Recruitment and professional staffing solutions should be flexible and easily customized to match the demands of a changing HR environment as well as suit a company’s particular staffing needs. By successfully implementing appropriate, customized flexible staffing solutions, we help to ensure that our clients’ business objectives are met. View the relevant company details such as contact information, location, or general description of what the company is all about.


  • To create an environment whereby everyone who comes into contact with RMS is appreciated and respected; treated with honesty and integrity, receiving the due care and consideration they deserve through our professional services and behavior.
  • To be the company of choice by collaboratively partnering with our clients; those seeking employment and those looking to employ by providing real quality solutions that enhance our client’s corporate careers and organizational success.
  • To be recognized by our stakeholders as a reliable of job searching place


  • To serve our clients with honesty, respect and excellent, prompt service.
  • To assist all our candidates in building successful careers.
  • To be the best employer for our staffs and prospective employees


  • Dedicated
  • Honesty
  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Responsible

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Urgent Jobs
Web Developer (02 posts) - RMS Recruitment Graphic Designer ($400-$800) - RMS Recruitment Social Media Officer (02 positions) - RMS Recruitment Waiter & Waitress ( 05 posts) - RMS Recruitment អ្នកបើកម៉ូតូកង់បី (០៥ នាក់) - RMS Recruitment កម្មករឃ្លាំង (១០ នាក់) - RMS Recruitment Stock Controller (Urgently) - RMS Recruitment Billing Officer (03 position) - RMS Recruitment Receptionist (02 post) - RMS Recruitment Cashier ($170-$230) - RMS Recruitment Customer service (Urgently) - RMS Recruitment Accountant $230 -$350 - RMS Recruitment អ្នកលក់កង់ឡាន - DURO CAR TIRE Project Sales - DURO CAR TIRE
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